Where is Nantuxent registered? Nantuxent Group is a trade name registered to Tony Novak CPA in Cumberland County, New Jersey. Nantuxent Corporation is registered in the state of Delaware. Nantuxent.com is a web site not registered as a trade or business.   Can you answer a quick question by email? Only after an initial telephone call and completion of a written engagement agreement procedures.   Do you provide investment advice? Advice on investments that are not securities, as defined, may be provided. Advice on securities is not offered, except under the limited circumstances as permitted under other services. Tony Novak was formerly a Registered Investment Adviser with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Pennsylvania Securities Commission, and a Registered Representative of a Broker/Dealer firm. These registrations are expired. Accordingly, no services related to securities as defined and controlled by these securities regulatory bodies are offered. Generic investment advice not related to securities may be included as part of other services like tax and financial planning. Advice related to securities is limited to incidental advice as part of other services as defined by applicable securities laws.   Can you speak with another person/company/agency on my behalf? Yes, with your written authorization only.   Can you represent me legally? Only under limited circumstances like a tax representation matter and with appropriate written authorization. Alternately, we may represent, as a designated principal, shareholder, director, managing member. or tax matters partner, another organization with proper authorization.   Can you represent both parties in a business conflict or both spouses in a divorce situation? Only if any apparent conflict of interest is disclosed and all parties agree.