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Upgrade to private, personal, professional service of an industry-leading accounting professional with one day response time and a strong emphasis on best business practices for individual and micro business clients.

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No single approach to accounting, investments, taxes, and money management works for everyone. We focus on matching the approach that fits how you work.

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  • Learn from customer feedback
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  • Professional Team

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Our Services

What Service We Offer

Our services are customized to what you need, not off-the-shelf procedures meant to serve a range of other clients

Personal Taxes

We offer a clear quick work plan to catch up on federal and state tax returns

Business Taxes

The most common requests we receive are for help with payroll, employee benefits and sales tax.


Let us employ the best current technology to minimize manual labor for recordkeeping.

Payroll & Salary

Tap into our expertise as an industry-wide contributor to compensation and benefits planning.


Some projects are best handled by handing off responsibility to a responsible independent party.

Company CFO

Proven record of accomplishment in organization governance, strategy, and management controls.

Case Studies

Let’s See Our Latest Project

Take a look at some of the hundreds of publications, articles and third-party reports on our contributions to the profession

Individual Representation, Coaching, and Strategies

Many clients come to us at a time of crisis: an audit, lawsuit, divorce, or business crisis.

Investment and Wealth Strategy

Strong results can only come as the result of a strong strategy. Count on us to question assumptions, explore options and introduce new possibilities.

Business Support

Know that your accountant is an active part of your success team who shares your passion and goals.

Client Feedback

Our Clients Reviews

We are grateful for dozens of favorable reviews and published comments throughout multiple online communities.

Google Reviewsur

Read dozens of five-star reviews and generous comments of our clients on Google.

AB ProAdvisor Reviews


Check out the five star reviews on the QuickBooks ProAdvisor site

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Our Blog

Latest Blog & Articles

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  • Collaborative Accounting vs. Traditional Accounting

    Collaborative Accounting vs Traditional Accounting We have a history of successful collaborative accounting work with small business clients in several different industries, so it is natural for us to prefer this approach to small business accounting engagements as often as is appropriate. This post is meant to briefly describe key distinctions between traditional vs. collaborative accounting.   Defining the scope of work Traditional A core principle of an accountant’s work is a clear understanding of the client, the industry, the work, and its cope and limitations. Protections are often built into the agreement to prevent ‘drift’.   Collaborative The core

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  • A closer look at the recent tax problems of Realtors

    Disclosure: For the purposes of this article, I use the term “Realtor” to describe everyone I work with who is involved in the real estate field. In most but not all cases used as examples my clients are licensed Realtors as well as participants in other real estate activities. Use of the term here in this post is simply a matter of convenience in the discussion of the relevant tax and financial management issues.   This past tax season I saw more tax problems with Realtors than in any other previous year. While our tax administration system was widely described

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